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Shell Diala Oil DX - Very High performance insulating oil

Shell Diala DX is manufactured from specially refined naphthenic feedstock with ultra-low sulphur content. It offers very high oxidation stability, excellent dielectric and low temperature properties.
Shell Diala DX meets both the established and new industry copper corrosion tests.

• Transformers
All Power transformer types and applications (e.g.generator transformers, shunt reactors, distribution transformers)
• Electrical equipment
Components such as rectifiers, circuit breakers and switchgear.
Advice on applications not covered in this leaflet may be obtained from your Shell Representative.

Performance Features and Benefits
• Excellent oxidation stability
Shell Diala DX is inhibited with a proven antioxidant and shows outstanding oxidation performance. This enables Shell Diala DX to be used in highly loaded application and providing long oil life.
• Very good dielectric properties
Meets the requirements of all major specifications.
• Anti corrosion properties
Shell Diala DX is based on an ultra low sulphur base oil, making it intrinsically non-corrosive towards copper, with no need for passivation.
Diala DX meets all relevant tests on copper corrosion, namely the established DIN 51353 (Silver Strip Test) and ASTM D1275, and also the
newer tests: IEC 62535 and ASTM D1275B.
• Very good low temperature properties
The naphthenic nature of the feedstock of Diala DX provides a superior low temperature performance without the use of additives.
• Very good heat transfer characteristics
• Low water content of delivered oil
Diala DX is available in drums and pails (and in restricted regions in bulk) as “Shell Diala DX dried”, specially handled to retain a high breakdown voltage as delivered. This enables the product to be used in many applications without further treatment.

Specifications and Approvals
Shell Diala DX meets the following specifications:
IEC 60296 (2003)
Table 2 Transformer Oil (I) (Inhibited oil)
Section 7.1 (“Higher oxidation stability..”)
Baader oxidation test of (obsolete) DIN 57370-1 (1978)

Storage precautions
The critical electrical properties of Shell Diala DX are easily compromised by trace contamination with foreign material. Typically encountered contaminants include moisture, particles, fibres and surfactants. Therefore, it is imperative that electrical insulating oils be kept clean and dry.
It is strongly recommended that storage containers be dedicated for electrical service and include airtight seals. It is further recommended that electrical insulating oils are stored indoors in climatecontrolled environments.

Health & Safety
Guidance on Health and Safety are available on the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet, which can be obtained from your Shell representative.
Shell Diala DX is free of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB).

Protect the environment
Take used oil to an authorised collection point. Do not discharge into drains, soil or water.
The very good fluidity of the oil ensures proper heat transfer inside the transformer, even from lowest starting temperatures.

Previous Name: Shell Diala DX Dried. Shell Diala S3 ZX-I Dried. Extra Performance.

•. Meets IEC 60296 - High.

•. Premium Inhibited Electrical Insulating Oil

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