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Shell Diala Oil BG - (en)

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Shell Diala Oil BG- Gas absorbing transformer oil
Shell Diala Oil BG is a light mineral oil specially refined for electrical applications. 

Shell Diala Oil BG is primarily intended for use in transformers as:
- a coolant, to dissipate the heat generated when the transformer is on load
- a dielectric, to insulate the windings by replacing air, or other gases, between the conductors and in any voids present in solid insulating materials
- an arc extinguishing agent, to quench the spark between the opening contacts when tap changing on load
- an insulator and arc extinguishing agent in switchgear and circuit breakers
- an insulator in bushings
- an insulator in automotive ignition coils

Performance Features
- Effective and efficient heat transfer
Low viscosity fluid circulates easily in systems providing effective cooling and heat transfer properties
- Highly resistant to oxidative degradation
Resists the formation of harmful acids and sludge. Long oil service life.
- Outstanding low temperature properties
Without the need for pour point depressants
Shell Diala Oil BG does not contain PCB's

Performance Specifications
Shell Diala Oil BG complies with the requirements of the following specifications:
BS 148 (1984) Type 1
IEC 296 (1982) Class 1

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